I retired in 2008 and so I have more time now to devote to my interests in genealogy and the internet.

I serve as webmaster for other sites. I live in Oakmont Village (Hershey’s Mill West Chester, PA) and am a member of Chapter 377, NARFE (National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association) so I take care of these 2 on a volunteer basis. I also volunteer to help at http://hersheysmill.org/, the residents’ website at Hershey’s Mill. I am now confident enough of my abilities that I will develop, maintain, or just help others. Please contact me for details.

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Yes I do a few things to make a little money for this website. The operative word in that sentence seems to be "little" . In some years, I made nothing at all. But I have had years where I made a few dollars. Some of the links are here because I have used the company with the link. Sometimes I have not used them. There will also be some ads served up by Google that they pick because they seem to be related to the content of this site. I hope it works well and you find at least some interesting.

There are costs associated with running a website. For a site like this these costs are not large (about $10 per month), but I do try to defray them a bit with advertising, sponsored links, and affiliate programs and maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to make a profit.

For many of my links you will go to one of my pages and I’ll explain a bit about why or how I use the company (or think it is good for you to use the company). I use Link Share and Google for many of my affiliate programs and advertisements.


I do not collect any personal information unless you provide it voluntarily (for example, when you sent me an email I have your email address or if you ask me to post a query the information in that query is publicly available). In any case I do not sell your information to a third party. If you follow any links on my pages to another website, I have no control over that website and any privacy concerns there should controlled by that site’s privacy policy.